Keyword Analyzer Tool

People are searching Google for help that your church's ministries can provide, but they aren't finding your church in their search results.

This tool crawls your church's website to detect the presence of commonly searched ministry related keywords in the H1/H2 Headings, Meta Descriptions, URLs, and text. It then gives a score from 0% to 100% for each selected keyword group. This information can help you identify opportunities to have your church's ministries found more often in Google searches.

  • Long-tail-keywords are more likely to achieve first page Google ranking than short-tail-keywords. This is because long-tail-keywords are less competitive than short tail keywords.

    As an example, the short-tail-keyword 'cancer' would be competing with large national companies who dominate the first page of Google search results. This is because they have created a lot of optimized content. It is also because they are running paid Google search campaigns. On the other hand, the long-tail-keyword 'cancer support' is much less difficult to get page one placement with. In general, we would recommend using long-tail keywords more often than not.

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